School Posters

Some of the things that I have reflected on recently, especially with my anniversary trip back to my alma mater, the Kansas City Art Institute, are some of the posters that I designed when I was a senior and were part of my first portfolio when I graduated. The three posters shown below represent some of my early work as well as the transition I was making from fine art to design. The first poster is for a visiting artist, David Lance Goines, lecture at KCAI. In addition to being suggestive of his posters, it also shows my sense of color and landscapes. This poster was a hand printed silk screen and has seven separate colors. The second poster was one of my first “real” design projects designed for the Kansas City, Missouri, Friends of Chamber Music. This was my first opportunity to work with a client and shows a strong use of typography that begins to look like musical instruments. The last poster is a design history poster for industrial and furniture designer, Joe Colombo. The graphic organization of the poster contains a bio and time lime of major milestones in Colombo’s life.

Thomas Ema, Denver Designer and Artist

David Lance Goines lecture poster

Thomas Ema, Denver Designer and Artist

Friends of Chamber Music poster

Thomas Ema, Denver Designer and Artist

Joe Colombo design history poster

To see some of my more recent design work please visit my web site

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